5 Question Friday Vlog style

Subtitled…. my kids are insane…..

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little… absent around here. Between working all the time, raising 3 busy kids trying to keep my sanity, time has been a little scarce around here. So, here is my “triumphant” return to blogging- 5 Question Friday, hosted by Mama M at Five Crooked Halos.


If I wasn’t doing the Whole 30, I’d ask you to send booze….


6 months!

I know that this is a cliche, but wow the past 6 months have flown by! It’s amazing how much life can change in 6 months- new job, new home, new school for the kids, and still mourning the loss of my grandma.
So, today marks my 6 month anniversary of my parotidectomy for what ended up being an acinic cell carcinoma. Overall, I’m happy with my recovery. My smile is back to symmetrical.


My scar is healing well.
I continue to have bad acne over where the parotid gland used to be.

My jaw and cheek area feel achy sometimes, somedays more than others, but never unbearable. My ear lobe is numb, but feeling has returned everywhere else. The most annoying part of my recovery recently has been having my lower lip spasm. Like when your eyelid spasms? But it’s my lip. I assume it’s from nerve regrowth.
So that’s about all- I’ll see my amazing ent this month, so maybe more to update then.

Happy Birthday Rex!

Hard to believe that Rex is already 1!

We baked him a cake, and Ross and Ruby frosted it….They were very proud! 

We tried to set up a safe spot for Rex to eat his cake…. this was pretty easy to clean up. Then, he dove in!

Now to clean up after this disaster and go celebrate!



Employed again

As I’m sure you know, I’m gainfully employed again. Job #1 is 2.5 days a week with a brutal hour and a half commute each way. Job #2 is as needed, and a lovely 45 minute jaunt through the countryside.
Job #1 is located in a huge huge huge hospital. I follow signs to find my department, and still get lost. The funny thing us, there are like 1 million tiny closet-sized bathroom randomly scattered throughout the halls. The really funny thing? I still haven’t found one with toilet paper!

I’m pretty tired from all these hours I’m putting in, tomorrow I’ll fill you in on the fire escape.

3 months

Wow- time is flying by, I totally forgot about my 3 month parotidectomy anniversary until it was brought up in my pre-employment health screen today. The PA doing the screening was fascinated. I managed to schedule both health screens today, so I motored into the cities and had blood work drawn, then headed back towards home for more blood work, a drug test and boot camp. I had to do sit-ups. I had to do a lot of other things too, but sit-ups? I should’ve practiced (like for the past 30 years).

Anyways. My latest self-portrait.

I can eat a sandwich again! I feel like my lower lip is about 98% back to normal. In fact, I notice more weirdness with my eye than my lip. I think my scar looks good (minus the sudden swell in adult acne. yuck)image

It still itches quite a bit, and my ear still feels like someone punched me in it. The feeling in my face is normal about to where my lump initially was, so that’s improving too. That’s about all I have for an update- pretty boring!

I need to see my ENT sometime this month, we’ll see what he has to say.

It’s a…..

After what seems like the longest 21 weeks of my life, we finally got to see Baby H. again today!  Wahoo! 
Obviously, we’ve been very excited to find out the gender of our fetus…but also super curious to make sure everything is going well and we’re having a healthy baby.  There are a couple of concerns that we need to have checked out again in a month (yay, for another ultrasound- boo for the worry) so keep us in your prayers.  The doc was awesome when she called to talk to me about her concerns and is hoping that it will fix itself.  So anyway…Baby apparently has a small stomach and mild left renal pyelectasis (which you can Google if you want).  Cross your fingers that the stomach was just empty and that the other thing just magically goes away. (Thanks)

And then on to the fun part!

Cash is super excited to let you know what’s going on….

It’s a boy…in case you’re color blind or don’t understand the concept of the balloons.  My boys couldn’t be happier.  And as much as I said I really wanted a boy, part of me is a little sad that I don’t get a girl…but maybe we can try again 😉

So…let the name sharing begin!  Chris really, really, really wants to name him Charlie…which results in Cash really wanting to name him Charlie too…which loosely translates to me having one kid named after Johnny Cash and one kid named after Charlie Pride.  Not sure how I feel about that yet….

And thanks to my sissy for taking our pictures today! 


2 months

It’s been 2 months since my parotidectomy. I think it’s time for an update!image

I’m pretty much back to normal. Still a little bit of lower lip droop. Occasionally, I can feel it start when I am talking, otherwise it only affects me if I’m trying to take a big bite of a sandwich.image

Or scream for help.

My scar is healing very nicely. The incision itself doesn’t hurt, it just itches.image

My ear lobe is numb, which I expected. The rest of my ear is pretty painful most of the time. It feel like someone punched me- kinda achy and burning. The area where my parotid gland was located is still sore.

All in all, I’m feeling great. Really, the only thing that bugs me is my sore ear. I continue to compulsively check my left parotid for lumps- there’s a tiny something hanging out there that I am keeping an eye on.

My next ENT appointment is in July, I’ll update again after that.