6 months!

I know that this is a cliche, but wow the past 6 months have flown by! It’s amazing how much life can change in 6 months- new job, new home, new school for the kids, and still mourning the loss of my grandma.
So, today marks my 6 month anniversary of my parotidectomy for what ended up being an acinic cell carcinoma. Overall, I’m happy with my recovery. My smile is back to symmetrical.


My scar is healing well.
I continue to have bad acne over where the parotid gland used to be.

My jaw and cheek area feel achy sometimes, somedays more than others, but never unbearable. My ear lobe is numb, but feeling has returned everywhere else. The most annoying part of my recovery recently has been having my lower lip spasm. Like when your eyelid spasms? But it’s my lip. I assume it’s from nerve regrowth.
So that’s about all- I’ll see my amazing ent this month, so maybe more to update then.


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